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Clarence the Clown


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Lady Hawke Storytelling


Laura Kaighn, of Lady Hawke Storytelling, is an educator and author who's been telling professionally since 1995. Her specialties include Native American, nature, scary, pour-quoi and any tales funny, furry, fancy, and fabulous. Laura combines story, performance, education, culture and props for programs which run the gamut of sensorial experiences. Invited to various venues, she's also conducted both storytelling and writing workshops throughout southern New Jersey.

Reindeer Magic and Miracles - 11 am - 1 pm


Mark Sopko, otherwise known as "Mr. Mark " is the owner of "Reindeer Magic and Miracles LLC", located in Central New Jersey. Mark has been working with animals for over 22 years. From zookeeper, to wildlife rehabilitator, to working in the field of veterinary medicine, it's easy to see why, when Santa needed someone to help him with his reindeer, he called on Mr. Mark! " Reindeer are awesome animals! There truly is something magical about them and when you see them for yourself, I'm sure you'll agree!"-Mr. Mark

The Magic of Hans Christian Andersen


Applause Unlimited celebrates one of the 20th centurys greatest storytellers with the award winning show, The Magic of Hans Christian Andersen. Sometimes serious and heartwarming, sometimes downright silly, but always fun, the show features storytelling and song as well as over twenty hand puppets,rod puppets, and marionettes in three of Andersens best loved tales: The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelisa, and The Emperors New Clothes. Filled with humor and subtle messages suitable for all ages, this show presents the stories that grandparents will recognize, parents will love to share, and every child will long remember.